The Windscanner is the first-ever remote sensing-based, portable, three-dimensional wind vector measuring system

designed to serve the European wind energy research community and the growing wind industry in Europe.

News meeting in Perdigão, Portugal
On 16-17 June 2015 a meeting will be held in Vila Velha de Ródão, Portugal. Vila Velha de Ródão is a village close to the mountain Perdigão, where an ongoing windscanner experiment take place.
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Live blog from Perdigao expedition 2015

A group of young researchers from DTU Wind Energy, Test and Measurements section, is preparing two multi-lidar instrumentation known as the short- and long- range WindScanner systems to be ready for the most advanced experiment in the atmospheric and wind energy research.

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Laser show at Rödeserberg

During the period between the end of June and mid August 2014 a unique measurement campaign with a multi lidar system, which consisted of six long-range WindScanners coordinated by the master computer, took place at Rödeserberg in vicinity of Kassel, Germany.

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Short-range windscanner Demonstration Course

On 4-5 September 2014 an on-campus  Demonstration Course of the Short-Range (Danish node)  wind field measurement technology was held at DTU Wind Energy in Denmark.


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On 17 June 2014 a meeting will be held at DTU in Lyngby, Denmark. Important items to be discussed are SMART deliverables, a pilot experiment in Kassel to be conducted on 10-11 July, access to data, training & exchange concepts as well as outline of the business model.

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Location of partners

The consortium and participants

The partners in the Preparatory Phase project are: DTU Wind Energy (Denmark), Fraunhofer IWES (Germany), ECN (the Netherlands), ForWind (Germany), CENER (Spain), SINTEF (Norway), LNEG (Portugal), University of Porto (Portugal), CRES (Greece) and IPU (Denmark). The project will be coordinated by DTU Wind Energy as hub.