A lidar working

Vision & Scope

The WindScanner vision is to develop, establish and operate a joint European distributed (and mobile) Research Infrastructure for experimental research in wind and turbulence fields for wind energy.

Via the WindScanner hub the research infrastructure will be able to provide: unique services for the community, a one-point of entry and a joint access programme, Joint R&D development activities to ensure the establishment and operation of the facility, Joint training and educational programme for operating the WindScanners and for the user community, stable and effective management and a strategic approach for planning and implementing measurement campaigns.

The scope of the project is wind energy but there are several other applications possible (aeronautics, different atmospheric studies, buildings etc.).

The use and application of the technology might be different from country to country; hence the unique services offered (by each node) might vary somewhat.
The project will ensure deployment and dissemination of the wind lidar based WindScanner technology but can in time be broadened, perhaps also thinking of involving i.e. next-generation of wind radars and other kind of measurements and data.              


The mission is to establish and operate a powerful WindScanner.eu Research Infrastructure for:

  • Planning and coordination of WindScanner measurement activities
  • Coordination of purchasing, commissioning, calibration and maintenance of WindScanner equipment
  • Training and education in WindScanner operation and data analysis
  • Development of e-science facilities for campaign design, documentation, data management and data analysis
  • Providing access to the research data
  • Dissemination of WindScanner opportunities and achievements to foster optimal stakeholder collaboration.