Experimental investigations in the WindScanner.eu project

Measurement campaigns based on the WindScanner scanning Lidars have already been carried out in Europe and in North America including hot and cold regions, flat and complex terrain sites and on- and offshore:

  • Short-range WindScanners were deployed in an air field during winter conditions in Norway to map the downwash underneath hovering rescue helicopters.

  • Short-range WindScanners engaged with wake dynamic measurements behind a 50 m diameter vertical axis wind turbine during strong mistral wind conditions in France.

  • Combined sets of short and long range WindScanners were deployed in mountainous complex terrain during extremely hot conditions, in Perdigâo, Portugal.

  • Six sets of long-range WindScanners were synchronized to operate in concert scanning over hilly terrain at Rödeserberg Hill near Kassel, Germany.

  • Long-range WindScanners are installed on the coast line and also offshore platforms in the North Sea to measure local offshore wind resources and wind conditions.

  • Combined sets of two Short-range and one Long-Range WindScanner were deployed to measure wind load from turbulent inflow on a Norwegian suspension bridge.

  • Detailed wind and turbulence profiles have been scanned in front of and over steep hill escarpments in Denmark and Canada.

20 JULY 2024