Technology and innovation

Work package 3 leader: Torben Mikkelsen

I Preparation: to prepare the lidar design and manufacturing process with all data acquisition, data analysis tools and presentation software for the facility to accelerate fast towards early construction and operation by 2015 and 2016, respectively.

II Innovation: to establish a “WindScanner Target Design Forum” among the stakeholders and participants for securing and promoting innovation, ideas, and aesthetical design in future ground-based wind remote sensing and for promoting new wind turbine monitoring and control products spurred from innovation in equipment and software, enhanced prototype design and revisited manufacturing activities including field testing, and quality assurance.

III Dissemination: PP generated knowhow , innovation and opto-mechanical remote sensing products such as wind turbine integrated control products, technologies and methodologies – will be disseminated via the EERA nodes to the end-users and stakeholders within the European wind energy research and industry communities.